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     St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran, Bowdle, SD was founded in 1918.  The church currently has 297 members and 40 children enrolled in Sunday School and 18 actively involved in the Luther League.

     St Paul is a member of Conference V, the Northern Plains Conference, of the SD Synod and is one of the two churchs that makes up the Great Plains Parish.

     St Paul sponsors the local food pantry and the back pack program in the school as part of its mission

     The St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church building, to right, was built in 1977.  The parsonage, pictured below, was built in 1972.

About St. Paul

Our Mission

"The Church is a people created by God in Christ, empowered by the Holy Spirit, called and sent to bear witness to God's creative, redeeming, and sanctifying activity in the world. We, baptized members of the Church of Christ, respond in faith to the call of the Holy Spirit through the Gospel, desiring to unite together and carry out God's mission. We shall worship God in proclaiming of the Word and in the administration of the sacraments, carry out Christ's Great Commission by reaching out to all people, serve in response to God's love to meet human needs, nurture the members in the Word of God, and manifest the unity given to the people of God by living together in the love of Christ and by joining with other Christians in prayer and action to express and preserve the unity which the Spirit gives."

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