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Bowdle Food Pantry

     St Paul began the sponsorship of the Bowdle Food Pantry in March of 2011.  The Bowdle Food Pantry, located in the Community Health Office, next to the Bowdle Healthcare Center, is open Monday and Wednesday from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM.  During the year, donations came from many individuals, groups and organizations from throughout the community and beyond.  School students and groups, churches, and businesses and individuals, contributed money, food, and personal care items. 

     The Food Pantry purchases their items through the Feeding South Dakota organization which provides the items at a mjuch reduced rate, allowing the monetary donation to reach further.  Thank you to all for the support, allowing us to truly do "God's Work' throughout the community.  The Bowdle Food Pantry is also utilized whenever possible to provide the items for the backpack program in the Bowdle School.



The food pantry has also been helpful in providing food to the Backpack Program, which is also a project spearheaded by St. Paul Lutheran.  The program was originally instituted in the Bowdle School in 2013.  The bags are packed weekly and delivered to the school on Friday mornings for distrubution to the students who need the nourishment over the weekends when the school lunch program is unavailable.  There is total anonimity for recipients.  If your family needs this assistance, please let the school Supt. know.


Support / donations

Donations of items, as wells as monetary gifts, may be dropped off at the Bowdle Food Pantry, Monday and Wednesday from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM.  Individual serving size items are utilized with the back pack program.


Monetary donations can be made to the Bowdle Food Pantry Account at CorTrust Bank, given at the Food Pantry or given through St Paul Lutheran


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